welcome to the dollhouse

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Screenshots from 'Welcome to the dollhouse', a coming of age movie following an unattractive, unpopular, unfortunately named Dawn Weiner, as she struggles through her high school life. She is an easy target at school for her looks by both boys and girls and she is constantly being compared to her computer whizz older brother and charmingly cute ballet dancing younger sister, making her ostracised both at school and at home. She is also infatuated with Steve Rodgers, a popular college kid who happens to be in her brother's band, expressing her unrequited love by making a shrine devoted to him with glitter, candles, and somehow his school ID card. Although throughout the film she is portrayed as a naive, kind of clueless, pre-pubescent tween, she dresses like a grandma trying to relive her past- an ugly-but-kinda-cute pink jumper, floral dresses and of course those plastic bobble hair accessories and totally cool clear plastic glasses.